Citylife residential tower

The project includes two areas, one for the school building and a second for the residential building. The project pays the utmost attention to the quality of the enclosed and open spaces and to the well-being of the users, seeking to place the buildings in the space in such a way as to maximise their potential, despite the many constraints imposed by the environment and the small size of the site, guaranteeing maximum privacy and the best possible exposure.

The two new building volumes construct the urban site on a curtain wall, following the course of the existing road, like the adjacent urban sites. The school building, on the other hand, is in continuity with the green spaces and services planned for the site. The position of the two new building volumes along Via Ravelli guarantees an optimal orientation with respect to the solar axis.

The proximity between the two buildings, created by the reduced size of the site, is resolved in the design by a diversification of the residential typologies: on the floors facing the school they will have views on the two free sides; on the upper floors they will benefit from all four views of the tower. In order to improve the unattractive view of the fair from the residential tower, an orientation of the oblique elevations was considered to ensure more appreciable side views than front views.



Citylife, Milan




6.950 SQM




Feasibility study


Antonio Gioli, Federica De Leva


Silvia Turati, Andrea Angonoa, Mohamed Ghaly

The residential building will house private apartments with large terraces and transparent facades to ensure continuity between indoor and outdoor spaces and communal areas.

The new residential trend is towards shared facilities, such as multi-functional spaces for events, co-working and fitness rooms.

Sustainable measures such as optimised use of daylight, natural ventilation and a highly efficient building envelope will be complemented by green curtains on the terraces that will act as solar shading.