Tuscany Region New Headquarters

GBPA Architects’ proposal for the headquarters of the Tuscan Region, known as the “Third Tower”, was conceived by placing public interest at the heart of the intervention, with the ambition of using the opportunity offered by the construction of a new office tower to trigger an urban regeneration of the entire Novoli area.

These are the main points of the proposed idea

– Urban regeneration process through the creation of new green spaces and an urban square. In a representative project of this kind, it is fundamental to give importance to the community and the public space, as an open, multi-purpose place capable of gathering the collective needs for sociality and interaction;

– The design of the new office tower with spaces that perfectly meet the required functional needs, designed according to the principles of maximum planimetric efficiency and distribution rationality. All the spaces will be designed with high standards of environmental quality and representation, applying the principles of sustainability and environmental integration, in order to guarantee relations and connections between those who work and facilitate the users’ fruition.

– Design of the New Auditorium building with a strong visual impact with a hybrid public and private destination. Conceived as a new urban cultural center, it contains various functions such as an auditorium, an exhibition hall and a small cafeteria. Its spatial organization is designed to ensure maximum flexibility of use and reconfigurability. The Auditorium building can be privately managed or used for the exclusive use of the new office tower, as it is directly connected to the tower’s elevator systems.


Firenze (FI) | Italy




16.500 SQM


Regione Toscana


Competition ( 3rd classified)


Antonio Gioli, Federica De Leva


Silvia Turati, Nicola Romagnoli, Luciano Colazzo, Marika Maio, Giulia Procaccini, Luca Ciravegna, Caterina Guzzabocca, Mahafarid Kazemi, Andrea Angonoa

MEP design

Esa Engineering srl

Structure desgn

Studio di Ingegneria delle Strutture

Landscape design


Façade design

Faces Engineering

In order to fully meet the requirements of the Competition Notice, the project envisages the construction of a new Piazza and three new buildings – Office Tower, Auditorium Building, Regional Operations Building – as well as an underground car park. The concept combines the symbolic importance of the intervention and the location of the site in a historical city such as Florence with the objective of declining the cultural richness of the region of Tuscany in an architectural intervention of quality and contemporary breath. The setting of the project masterplan finds a pivotal reference in the urban composition principles of Tuscan monumental complexes such as, for example, Piazza del Duomo in Florence and Piazza dei Miracoli in Pisa. The settlement strategy of the project takes up this urban model, defining a new Piazza that, in this specific case, relates new buildings to existing ones.

The New Office Tower not only ensures the delimitation of one of the two sides of the New Square, but thanks to its greater height and formal purity, it becomes a symbolic and representative element, a true landmark for the city. Emphasising the link with the territory, strongly characterised by history and culture that has also produced timeless architectural artefacts, and the institutional value of the intervention, our architectural language aims to transpose these values into a contemporary key. We have approached the architectural theme using an understandable language of pure, timeless forms and materials.

The Auditorium building brings together the public-oriented functions of the project, such as an auditorium and exhibition hall, as well as a small supporting cafeteria. The location of the building in the centre of the new square symbolically emphasises its collective function and becomes the visual and semantic fulcrum of the entire intervention area.

The Auditorium building is organised on four floors (basement, ground, first and roof) with three entrances, corresponding to the functional areas of the ground floor: the auditorium foyer, the exhibition hall ticket office and the cafeteria.