Regina Giovanna 27-29

Located in the center of Milan, close to Porta Venezia, the complex at Viale Regina Giovanna 27-29 has a surface area of approximately 23,000 square meters and will house high-ceilinged Grade A offices with fine finishes and high energy performance.

The concept is based on the need to create a strong identity image, together with the redefinition of the entrance system: the new reception access breakthrough, double height on Viale Regina Giovanna with a high degree of visual permeability, is configured as a singular and scenographic event in the rhythmic system of the façade texture, uniformly treated with materials that reinterpret and renew the architectural language of the context, while respecting the existing heritage.

On the floors, the redefinition of floor areas and heights allows for maximum optimization in the use of interior spaces and ample light, increasing the efficiency and degree of flexibility of the floors, indispensable elements in a scenario of constant evolution of today’s working methods, increasingly oriented towards “collaboration” and “intelligent” methodologies.

Moreover, the building incorporates the principles of biophilia in the design of the working spaces: the large terraces become an extension of the working spaces, capable of reconnecting the individual with the natural environment; the renovated courtyard, on two interconnected levels, is configured as a true agora, a protected place where social relations can be developed.

This great attention to well-being and sustainability is reflected in the design of the facility: the building will be LEED Platinum certified, the highest level of recognition for environmental and energy performance.


Viale Regina Giovanna 27-29, Milano | Italia


2019 - ongoing


21.000 SQM






Concept, Progettazione integrata (preliminare, definitiva, esecutiva), direzione lavori, pratiche amministrative, VVF, CSP+CSE, collaudi finali, Certificazione LEED


Antonio Gioli, Federica De Leva


Silvia Turati, Antonio Sergi, Riccardo Tombari, Danilo Annoscia, Elard Ponce, Giorgio Marzullo, Fabrizio Nuoto, Gaia Groppi, Andrea Santantonio, Francesco Viganotti, Laura Basello

MEP and Structure design

General Planning srl

Construction design

Carron Spa

Photo credits (on site)

Giovanni Hänninen

Our intervention focused mainly on the creation of a strong identity image of the building, perceived through the use of materials that reinterpret and renew the architectural language of the context.

For the façade of number 29, we focused on a reinterpretation of the existing façade module, redefining the material and chromatic characteristics of the architectural elements. The new system of windows and door frames has improved the conditions of sustainability and technological and energy efficiency. The opaque surfaces of the new ventilated façade, adequately insulated, have been clad in Iseo stump effect stoneware, which materially recalls the base of number 27.

For the façade of number 27, the project provided for the integral preservation of the elements of the architectural language. For the base, it was planned to clean and restore the stump cladding and the elements (portal and pillars) covered with green Alpine marble. On the upper floors, both the pilasters and the string courses were clad in light-colored mosaic.

REGINA GIOVANNA Lifestyle offices