Pirelli 35

The concept conceived for the integrated design competition for the redevelopment of an office building located in Via Pirelli, 35 (Porta Nuova) in Milan is based on the removal and reconstruction of a larger portion of the existing building, in order to obtain a better and modern functionality of the spaces, maximum energy efficiency and economic maximisation.

The building has been designed so that it can accommodate both offices and hotels, without making substantial changes to the building.  The modularity of the façade and the vertical connections, strategically positioned to adapt to both the office and the hotel system, allows the owners to decide, even during construction, the most convenient use.


Milan | Italy




39.000 SQM


Deka Immobilien investment GmbH


Artelia SPA




Antonio Gioli, Federica De Leva


Valentina Beretta, Alice Chiesa, Milica Cudic, Jana Stojanovic

The analysis carried out on the asset led to the development of a more intensive design choice based on the removal and construction of a larger portion of the existing building.

The position of the two buildings of which the renovated complex is composed is designed to create a new and important main entrance.

The open space of the entrance and atrium on the corner of Via Pirelli and Piazza Einaudi, with its imposing height and transparency, is clearly visible from the main roads and also houses the system of vertical and horizontal connections between the buildings.

The large covered square created between the two buildings is the new heart of the system and becomes a direct extension of the entrance and the adjacent public green area and a link between inside and outside.


A main element of the design are the vertical and horizontal connections outside the building which create an independent and distinctive system of suspended walkways connecting the new lifts to the office entrances.


The new façade is reminiscent of the iconic original façade through its vertical louvres that break where the old horizontal lines used to be, resulting in a modern, highly transparent and flexible curtain wall.