Moonbay resort

The masterplan for a luxury multifunctional resort in southern China is inspired by the mathematician Voronoi’s concept of hexagonal and pentagonal tessellation.

In a combination of form and function, a large SPA, surrounded by greenery and surrounded by small villas dedicated to private treatments, a hotel and a residence built on three towers rise up.

The SPA, a natural place par excellence, blossoms out of the ground like a flower, communicating its close relationship with the surrounding nature: it consists of a central body and three large petals. The green roof is designed not only as a functional space, but also as an extension of the landscape in which it is born.

In light of this, water, an element of primary importance, could not be omitted: the wellness centre is completed by an outdoor garden with swimming pools and a play area with water amusements and a private club. Both the towers and the hotel rest on a single plate that unites the entire complex. Unlike the spa, which is at one with nature, these buildings make man’s intervention visible, while at the same time entering into a dynamic relationship with their surroundings.


Shabazhen | China




80.000 SQM




Concept, architectural design (scheme design, detail design)


Antonio Gioli, Federica De Leva


Andrea Ciaffaroni, Elard Ponce, Francesca Marucelli, Giada Piliego, Stefania Gandolfo, Stefano Cocuzza

Elegance, luxury, comfort surrounded by nature