Mazzini 9

Our concept study for the conservative renovation of the building located in Milan, Via Mazzini 9, focused on the analysis of the building in order to understand its main characteristics, the strengths already present and the intrinsic potential to be brought out, in order to find the most suitable design solution to guarantee the maximum enhancement.

The design choices are as follows: enhancement of the entrance to the offices; optimisation of the vertical connections and routes; use of the internal courtyard; recovery of the roofs; redesign of the standard floor and recovery of surface area in the basement;

Alternative solutions have been evaluated, starting from a more conservative approach, in line with the client’s desire to give priority to the renovation project, but also considering some scenarios oriented towards a more integral redesign, in order to optimise the use of space through a significant recovery of surface area.


Via Mazzini, 9, Milan | Italy




7.150 SQM


Hines Italy Re/Savills Investment Management SGR




Antonio Gioli, Federica De Leva


Alice Chiesa, Chiara Tesoro, Francesco Staiano, Nicola Borsato, Valentina Beretta

The design of the ground floor, while respecting the volumes and fronts of the building, emphasises the entrance to the offices and recovers useful areas for them.

The square is located at an intermediate level between the current ground floor and the first floor, allowing the construction of a new half-floor for offices.

All the stairwells are concentrated at the back of the building to form a single system with the lift volume. The existing stairwell is closed off and used as a service block for the offices, optimising the layout and increasing the number of workstations.

The main entrance to the building leads directly down to what is intended to be a hypogeal square where the large hall and reception are located.