Kipupwe Private Safari Camp Tanzania

The identified project area is approximately 350,000 square metres and is located on the banks of the Great Ruaha River within the Ruaha National Park in Tanzania.

In this first phase of the project we are trying to imagine the sense of space, clarify the future vision of the resort and show the connection and circulation between the different functions.

The aim of this project is not only to ensure the privacy and security of each guest, but also to respect the wildlife in this part of Tanzania. In addition to ensuring privacy and security for users, the entire architectural complex will also have to meet certain wellness requirements and incorporate a sense of luxury.

The architectural design of the luxury resort follows organic and natural forms, characterised by the presence of curved rammed earth walls, paying homage to African vernacular architecture and researching its basic principles and rules so as not to lose the culture and feel of the place.


Ruaha National Park | Tanzania




350.000 SQM




Design competition


Antonio Gioli, Federica De Leva


Mahafarid Kazemi, Ludovica Ceccarello, Virginia Novi, Fabrizio Nuoto

The resort consists of a public area (clubhouse with reception, gift shop and main entrance with security; food and beverage areas with bar, restaurant and ancillary facilities including a wellness area with swimming pools, gym, yoga class and a more public deck facing the river) and private areas where the various villas and private rooms will be developed with different modalities and layouts, while being modular and easy to build.


Another fundamental theme of this project is its reading from above: the arrangement of elements and architecture does not disturb the natural language of the savannah and, above all, recalls the pattern and diagram of African villages. This is further developed by the shape of the roofs, which once again fits perfectly with the concept of the hut and the vernacular architecture that exists in their ancient architecture and is strongly present throughout the project.