Fidia 1

The property owned by Prelios SGR is located in a strategic position in Milan, in an area characterised by major urban transformations.

The building is located adjacent to the Garibaldi, Porta Nuova and Isola neighbourhoods, which have become a perfect combination of city identity and European vision, and to Scalo Farini, which is the subject of a major redevelopment project. The area is attracting great interest and is set to become a catalyst for many important international companies that choose it as the place to establish their representative offices.

The design concept guarantees maximum enhancement within the limits of environmental sustainability, technical and economic feasibility in line with the most recent Milanese projects and in close continuity with the context. The proposed intervention coordinates a series of design themes developed and accompanied by preliminary plant, structural and fire prevention checks that support its feasibility.

The building will be enhanced through the following themes: optimisation of the existing surfaces; a highly contemporary and attractive image of the building; a new functional, spacious hall with a great scenic effect; architecturally valuable outdoor areas for private and public use; new retail spaces on the ground floor; new office spaces of great environmental quality with direct access to the terraces with exclusive views of the city; maximum environmental comfort with the aim of obtaining a Cat A building with minimum LEED Gold and BREEAM Very Good certification.




Piazza Fidia 1, Milan | Italy




42.800 SQM






Antonio Gioli, Federica De Leva


Silvia Turati, Chiara Tesoro, Antonio D'Ambrosio

The new building has a great scenic impact

The old building, covered in stone and plaster, was built in 1968; in 2011 it underwent a complete renovation of the interior, while the façade was maintained in its original state.

The existing façades have a poorly qualified and distinctive image of the building, with openings that do not guarantee the right amount of natural light inside, as required by the new standards for contemporary work spaces.

The decision was therefore made to demolish and rebuild the load-bearing structural elements around the perimeter and to create a new, fully glazed envelope to give the building a contemporary, attractive image, with essential performance characteristics such as high levels of energy efficiency, interior quality in terms of light and visibility, and modularity to ensure maximum flexibility in the interior layout of the work spaces.

Type A façade on the street (right) and type B on the internal courtyard (left).


The new façades opening onto the terraces meet the need for maximum transparency to ensure a view from inside the building onto the outdoor terrace spaces and the surrounding landscape.

The cellular system is therefore dimensionally the same as the internal façade, but without any screens.

the project foresees the redesign of the courtyard as a public/private square with an internal quality in access and crossing paths integrated with the existing ones in order to allow a wider use and to support the new commercial functions inserted ex novo in the basement

In the building’s new layout, the hall is located in a central position with double access from Via Cola Montano and from the inner courtyard, reinforcing its identity and representative character.

The new large walk-through hall creates visual continuity from the outside to the inner courtyard. The interior space has a special environmental quality conferred by the double height and natural lighting from the large glass fronts. The space is therefore fluid and dilated, a perfect hinge between the outdoor spaces and a representative access point for the office areas.