Deruta 19

The complex at Via Deruta 19 is located in an area of Milan that is of great interest to property investors and that is increasingly becoming an object of development and transformation. The enhancement of the property is based on the desire to place the wellbeing of the individual and the environment at the centre of the design, through transparency, openness, flexibility and biophilia.

Our proposal includes a strong emphasis on the theme of greenery as a leitmotif and unifying element of the entire complex. Today, green and open spaces are an increasingly important and sought-after asset for their function of sharing, natural purification and safety.

In fact, ours is a sustainable design strategy that aims to connect and integrate people with their environment, reconnecting human nature with nature.




Milan | Italy




12.000 MQ


Coima RES


Technical and Economi Feasibility study


Antonio Gioli, Federica De Leva


Andrea Angonoa, Nicola Romagnoli, Andrea Sant'Antonio, Yassin Morel

Biophilic design, the principles of which are evident in our design approach, is a way of designing that responds to people’s innate need to remain connected to life and vital processes.
An environment built according to these principles is able to lighten the human cognitive system, to facilitate the gathering and recognition of information in the fastest and most efficient way, to support the sensory system in terms of neuro-motor influence, avoiding both depressive and excitatory effects, to induce an emotional and biological strengthening of the neural level.