Corso Italia 3

Our study focused on the analysis of the existing building, located in Corso Italia 3 in Milan, in order to understand its main characteristics, the strengths already present and the intrinsic potential to be brought out, in order to find the most suitable design solution to guarantee maximum enhancement through the planned redevelopment.

The design choices are as follows: complete redesign of the ground floor; proposal for the fit-out of the office floors; recovery of the roofs and terraces and complete redefinition of the systems.

For each of these fundamental issues, design solutions were evaluated, starting from an approach that was as conservative as possible, but also evaluating solutions oriented towards greater optimisation in the use of space, so as to allow the client to evaluate the full potential of his investment.


Corso Italia, 3, Milan | Italy




9.000 SQM


Savills Investment Management SGR




Antonio Gioli, Federica De Leva


Alice Chiesa, Francesco Staiano, Jana Stojanovic, Milica Cudic, Valentina Beretta

Strong recognisability and aesthetic impact

Where the commercial area used to be, there is now an entrance hall with a large reception desk and lounge areas for waiting and waiting.

The four existing openings onto the street, equipped with new transparent windows, the double height of the space and its height above street level make the new lobby clearly visible from the street, while the richness of the materials and fine finishes ensure that it is recognisable from the outside.

The floor areas are designed to offer maximum efficiency and flexibility in the use of space. The possible planimetric solutions can accommodate a wide variety of common spaces such as meeting rooms, breakout areas, service areas or areas dedicated to individual work.

The currently unused roof becomes a terrace with panoramic views.