Roundtable Reconnect. Conversazioni con il Real Estate

Roundtable Reconnect. Conversazioni con il Real Estate

Roundtable Reconnect. Conversations with Real Estate
Milan, Palazzo Reale

Integrated design. System visions, applications and reporting
GBPA ARCHITECTS Federica De Leva, partner

On 18 November Federica De Leva was the guest speaker at the conference ROUNDTABLE RECONNECT – Conversations with Real Estate at Palazzo Reale. The event, promoted in collaboration with Interface and Mapei, is an opportunity to take stock of the trends in the sector through: a wide-ranging discussion between public and private players on the tools for measuring sustainable investments in construction and urban regeneration in environmental, social and governance terms.

Federica De Leva brought her experience as a designer in GBPA ARCHITECTS, a company in which she is a partner, to the complicated but indispensable process of integrated design.

Only through integrated design is it possible to guarantee constant quality control, intervene with corrective elements in real time, reduce risk and the unexpected, and achieve the client’s objectives: respecting time and costs, but it is also the only way to achieve the objectives of sustainability. Integrated planning is a team game, an integrated supply chain in which all the players in this process and in this supply chain are involved and collaborative: the administration, the politicians, the financial and management side, but obviously also the