Berylmart Tower

Berylmart Tower is a multifunctional building in Shenzhen, southern China, designed to replace a five-storey shopping centre.

The new “zero emission” building is intended to house four different functional areas distributed from bottom to top: retail, offices, hotel and residential. The first nine floors are occupied by the shopping centre; the intermediate levels between the 10th and 24th floors are used for offices; from the 24th to the 31st there is a business hotel, while the last floors up to the 36th are used for luxury residences with the possibility of private gardens.

Two different types of façade have been developed, one in glass and the other in polycarbonate.

ARUP developed the preliminary structural and Mep design.


Shenzhen | China




77.500 SQM




Concept, feasibilty study


Antonio Gioli, Federica De Leva


Gianluca Besostri, Irene de Landerset

Mep and Structure design

Arup Italia

A 36-storey linear building which is completely transparent, a sort of theca closed in on the main façades by two façades which extend in length and height beyond the perimeter of the building.

The result is a building which dialogues directly with the Shenzhen sky and its light, showing off its internal functional programme and above all the complex formal solutions found by its designers.

Comfort, luminosity, visibility and sustainability are the key words that drive the entire design.

Four buildings in one

A shopping centre, an office space, a hotel and a residential area.

Avoiding the usual repetition of the standard plan, four buildings are in fact designed one on top of the other, each formally meeting the specific requirements.

An evocative solution

A series of active and passive strategies have been developed to meet the zero-emission requirement: from photovoltaic panels on the top, to sunshades on the façade, natural ventilation and recirculation guaranteed by the double façade, reuse of rainwater and grey water, and geothermal air conditioning systems using water from the nearby river.