Rothschild & Co

The history of Rothschild & Co is a history of commitment, power, success and the ability to renew itself and adapt to changing times and places while maintaining its identity. Therefore, the need to combine history and innovation, classic, modern and contemporary, tradition and technology has been reflected in the architectural and design proposals.

The decision to locate the new offices in the late nineteenth-century building in Via Orefici in Milan, which is also the subject of intervention, is in itself a choice that connotes the desire to emphasise the image of prestige and historical and cultural relevance.

The concept underlying the architectural choices for the three floors, the terrace and the dedicated entrance to the new offices in Milan, enhances Rothschild & Co’s presence in the past, present and future: this element of continuity is represented through the choice of innovative architectural elements, which highlight the historical pre-existence.

Inside, the large, ample spaces, about 2,500 square metres, reserve the most characteristic volumes of the top floors for the client area, enhanced by elements that recall the formal rigour of 20th-century modern architecture and its attention to materials and craftsmanship, supported by highly sophisticated technological choices.

These elements of tradition and the past, even the recent past, are complemented in the operational areas where the finishes, furnishings and lighting are highly contemporary and innovative and in full compliance with the most modern standards that characterise workplaces, bearing witness to the Rothschild & Co. group’s active presence in today’s world.



Passaggio Centrale 3, Milan - Italy




2500 SQM


Rothschild & Co Italia


JLL – Jones Lang Lasalle Spa


Concept design, integrated design (scheme design, detail design, construction design), interior design, site supervision, planning permits, fire prevention, H&S, final work inspection and client handover.


Federica De Leva


Elena Niccolini, Valeria Ordono de Rosales, Alice Chiesa

MEP design

Rise Energy Focus Engineers srl


Construction firm

Nessi & Maiocchi SpA

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Giacomo Albo Ph

High-tech offices in a historic building

New design offices in a late 19th century building complex. In Milan, on the corner of Via Orefici and Via Cantù, just a few steps from Piazza Duomo, the new offices of Rothschild & Co Italia have been opened.

Three floors, a terrace and a dedicated entrance to enhance the building’s historical heritage and contaminate it with contemporary choices that communicate the group’s future.

Identity, tradition and innovation

The colour palette used to harmonise all the design choices ranges from blue and grey to light brown, while the most commonly used materials for the interiors are steel, wood and carpeting.

The rooms are naturally lit thanks to the fully glazed walls, which are screened on the inside by folding or curtain curtains.