Pirelli 32

The project optimises the use of the available space to develop as much height as possible, in order to fit into a context characterised since the 1950s by the presence of high-rise buildings of various heights and dimensions. It is precisely this language that inspires the aesthetics of our building, proposing a transparent and light façade that blends discreetly into the context.

While maintaining the division into two parts, with the re-proposal of a basement level in line with the existing one, to mitigate the impact on the context and maintain a link with the past, the building is presented and distinguished by its triple-height glazed lobby, whose entrance opens up to the best visual and physical connection with the street and the Gioia metro station.

This recognisable entrance enhances the attractiveness and accessibility of the building, encouraging pedestrian flows and green mobility. Its transparency creates a direct connection with the space behind the building, which becomes a green and usable space protected from road traffic.


Via Pirelli 32, Milan




10.000 SQM




Design competition


Antonio Gioli, Federica De Leva


Nicola Romagnoli, Marika Maio, Luca Ciravegna, Gaia Groppi, Andrea Angonoa

A scenic and inviting staircase leads from the atrium to the amenity areas, which are arranged on several levels and include recreation, leisure and relaxation areas that open onto the large terrace on the second floor, visible from the street, to attract potential clients and users. This space, enriched by the intensive use of the landscape, can accommodate outdoor working and recreational areas for offices, inviting people to gather and experience it at all times of the day and year.
Both the terrace and the ground floor plaza can support the commercial units occupying the rest of the ground floor with outdoor dining areas.