Magyar Nemzetközi Motodrome

Usually the audience attending Motorsport races does not have direct contact with the drivers and generally with all the protagonists of the show they attend, remaining closed in compartmentalised areas and with a limited view of the track.

In this project developed in collaboration with DROMO, a world leader in the construction of circuits from Moto GP to F1, the main idea is to focus the spectator’s attention on a different level, taking him to a view of the track from above, through an elevated path that surrounds the track and connects all the main functions of the circuit. This path, a true public space, allows the spectator to have a privileged and more complete view throughout the race, from glimpses of the paddock to an almost 360 degree view of the track.

Inspired by arenas and stadiums, it is a modern venue that combines ambience with entertainment.

To showcase the action on the track, a “High Line” has been created that seamlessly surrounds the track on three sides, passing through a 12,000-seat main grandstand that is seamlessly integrated into the pit building on the paddock side.  Combining the grandstand and pits in a single building also reduces the cost of the structure.

Greenery becomes a central theme of the project in relation to the elevated track, to enhance the experience and well-being of the circuit’s public. Green areas and trees are in fact totally integrated both in the system of distribution routes and in the architecture itself, in order to harmonise the project with the surrounding landscape.

It is in this idea of a mix of green and architectural spaces that a new concept of motoring destination is born, with a low impact on the territory (being completely integrated), an enhancement of the aspects of well-being for the public and the sustainability of the architecture.


Debrecen, Hungary




About 620 hectares


Kelet-Magyarországi Versenypálya Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság


Competition -2nd prize


Antonio Gioli


Andrea Angonoa, Antonio D'Ambrosio, Nicola Romagnoli, Francesco Viganotti

Circuit design

Dromo srl



Viador Átrium Group

Project management


A track where the spectator is the protagonist

The Highline is an elevated pathway that surrounds the circuit from a height of 12 to 20 metres, where the spectator can walk surrounded by greenery. The Highline connects all the main functions of the circuit and harmonises it with its surroundings, being a natural amphitheatre that makes the circuit a unique biophilic organism.

The Motor Park can be used every day, even those days not dedicated to events. This gives the facility long-term profitability thanks to the possibility of using the entire circuit.


Recognisable and unique

The architectural concept of the main building is based on the logic of merging the pit building and the main grandstands into a single complex, to promote a 360° view of the circuit.

All the main functions are organised under one long straight roof, a “wing” that draws a pure line in the landscape of the track, in contrast to the organic nature of the high line, which instead dances sinuously around the design of the circuit.

Underneath it, the volumes are perceived as light and transparent elements, in an interplay of solids and voids that allows you to see the track even before entering the stands.


Permeable, built-in, durable

The concept of permeability characterises the main building: once through the pedestrian pathway above the paddock, the spectator encounters the main grandstands which, in addition to being characterised by a strong and recognisable sign, offer a double view both towards the track, with the terraces, and towards the paddock with the public terraces full of greenery, which can be used as a meeting place for socialising.

A new circuit concept for motorsport is born