U3 Building

Milanofiori Sviluppo srl (a company of the Brioschi Sviluppo Immobiliare Group) has commissioned GBPA ARCHITECTS to design the new U3 tertiary building in the Milanofiori Nord district of Assago.
The building is part of the “Milanofiori Nord” project, whose master plan was approved by the Municipality of Assago in 2005.
The building has a surface area of approximately 11,000 square meters and comprises nine floors above the existing elevated square and two floors below for parking.
As proposed in the original design – volumetric distribution – the building maintains the height of the adjacent buildings, while taking an unobstructed slope into the site to continue the visual effect of open-closed visual cones and the full-empty scan that already characterizes the existing building.

The building appears as a transparent volume, enclosed between two light wings: from the motorway, the facade is narrow and high; at the back, it faces the green area, while from the front it opens onto terraces and is designed to enjoy views of the park, the green heart of the Milanofiori Nord building.
The north and south facades, on the other hand, determine the image of the building, which is characterized by a particular and lively effect produced by the refraction of light on the differently oriented sunshades made of white silk-screen printed glass.
The south façade, in particular, appears to be suspended, revealing the transparent rectangular volume that reinforces the relationship between inside and outside. The reception area, as the focal point of access, is visually positioned by the frame of two opaque wings.
The building meets the green building criteria for LEED GOLD certification.


Milanofiori Nord, Assago | Italia


2018 - 2021


11.000 SQM


Milanofiori Sviluppo SRL


Concept design, architectural design (scheme design, detail design, construction design), artistic direction


Antonio Gioli


Silvia Turati (Project Leader), Antonio Sergi, Chiara Tesoro, Andrea Angonoa, Heidi Corti, Antonio D'Ambrosio, Andrea Fossati, Andrea Santantonio, Jana Stojanovich, Cristina Zambelli

Integrated design, site supervision, H&S, LEED Certification

General Planning S.r.l.

Construction design (building and structure)

SCE Project

Construction firms

Nessi & Majocchi SpA e Impresa Percassi SpA (construction works) Bouygues Construction (plants) Focchi Group (façades)

Perfectly integrated into the area but with an individual identity

Designed with the means for the highest level of comfort

U3 is located on the western edge of the area, adjacent to the Milan-Genoa motorway. It is an in-line, double-body building, which is developed perpendicular to the carriageways in order to turn as little space as possible to traffic, so that the offices are not affected by noise and pollution.

The complex is surrounded by greenery and overlooks the central park of the Milanofiori area.

a Modular Facade, with diverse perception

The facade is built with modular, cellular frames in two sizes: 300×400(h) cm and 150×400(h) cm, spaced on a structural module of 9 linear metres. Blades made of a new generation composite material, “solid surface”, are attached to this modular type of facade.

The blades are of three sizes and positioned at different and progressive angles, so as to give the façade a particular curvilinear and continuous course.

accesibility and flexibility as the core of design

The Hall space is designed to connect the different elevations of the project area and all accesses to the functions located on the various floors of the building are accessible from one central core.

The floor plan of the typical floor provides maximum flexibility for the benefit of tenants with different possible fit-outs. The lifts and bathroom cores have been placed in a barycentric position in relation to the whole floor to ensure more rationality in the horizontal pathways on the floor.

LEED Gold certification