Campus Alcatel Lucent

The detail and construction design of the new Alcatel Lucent Campus, inaugurated in 2014, was developed in collaboration with Garretti Associati S.r.l.

The new Alcatel headquarters, which accommodates 1700 people and covers an area of 33,000 m2, consists of a large double-height hall connecting five buildings with different uses: three offices, one laboratory and a multimedia space.

The fluid and open space of the 2300 square metre hall houses various functions such as the reception and waiting area, meeting rooms, client area, a cafeteria and other accessory services. Adjacent to the hall is the Multimedia Communication Center, a 1,200 square metre space housing a 150-seat auditorium with foyer, a small 60-seat amphitheatre, and the University, with meeting rooms and technical classrooms.

Inside the buildings are 16,000 square metres of office space and 6,800 square metres of laboratories. Thanks to the careful research of materials, the use of the most modern technologies to maximise comfort and minimise energy waste, the Alcatel Campus is considered a project of excellence in terms of environmental sustainability and has therefore obtained the highest level of LEED certification.


Vimercate, (MB) | Italy


2011 - 2014


33.000 SQM


Segro/Garretti Associati


Architectural design (detail design, construction design), Coordination


Antonio Gioli, Federica De Leva


Alberto Olivotto, Alessandra Chiappini, Barbara Morzone, Edorado Lucchini, Elard Ponce, Elisa Mascheroni, Francesca Marucelli, Gaia Minetto, Gianluca Besostri, Giulio Carra, Mattia Oddone, Paru Agarwal, Sabino De Castro, Simone Crespi, Silvia Pilotti, Stefano Manfredi, Valentina Molteni

MEP design

Ariatta Ingegneria Dei Sistemi srl

Structure design, site supervision, H&S, LEED certification

BMS progetti srl

Fire prevention design

Studio Tecnico Zaccarelli

Acoustic design

S&B Acustica Ambientale

The photovoltaic sunshade has the dual function of regulating brightness and temperature in rooms and directly transforming solar energy into direct current electricity thanks to the photovoltaic effect.

It also provides excellent shading and maximum transparency as well as high energy efficiency in a wide range of climatic conditions. Running costs are kept to a minimum as the renewable energy source is free of charge.

Roofing with photovoltaic sunshades