Birra Peroni HQ

Birra Peroni chose to renovate its Headquarters in Rome with the intention of pursuing its strategy of redefining the Organization, which aligns with the Purpose of the Asahi Europe&International group: “Creating Meaningful Connections,” in its declinations related to Planet Positivity and the creation of a positive and inclusive experience for People and Society, with a particular focus on creating an environment that promotes a culture open to diversity, committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of its people.

GBPA ARCHITECTS and REVALUE have been able to interpret Birra Peroni’s purpose, which fits into a historical and social framework of extraordinary changes still in the making, designing a space designed to respond today and in the future to the evolutions of new practices related to Flexible Working, suitable to foster collaboration in the new hybrid work mode, sustainable for the environment but above all sustainable for people, to contribute to the definition of a new dimension of living and working in which the real and the digital converge.

A new technological humanism that corresponds to a new idea of Organization and Leadership, which promotes physical and psychological well-being, employee satisfaction and consequently employee engagement, through the creation of meaning.



Via Renato Birolli, 8 Rome | Italy




2.500 SQM Building 11 - 12


Birra Peroni Spa


Concept, integrated design (scheme design, detail design, construction design), site supervision, planning permits, H&S, final inspections and client handover, LEED Certification


Antonio Gioli


Cristina Zambelli, Simone Dellatorre, Gaia Groppi, Alice Chiesa, Francesco Viganotti, Eva Corral Vence

Project in Collaboration with REVALUE | Cristiana Cutrona

MEP design

B.R.E. Engineering srl

General contractor


An office that is a place of creating relationships and "meaningful connections"

At a time when physical presence seems to have lost its centrality and where the projects market is entering the Metaverse, GBPA ARCHITECTS and REVALUE are outlining the future of Birra Peroni’s Rome headquarters, designing an office that is a place for creating relationships and “meaningful connections,” under the flag of the new Planet Positivity concept that embraces sustainability and inclusion, Man and Environment.

A new dimension of living and working

The project, which is part of a historical and social context of extraordinary changes, was conceived by interpreting the purpose of Birra Peroni and the Asahi Europe&International group “Creating Meaningful Connections,” in its expressions related to “Planet Positivity,” or environmental sustainability combined with the creation of a positive and inclusive experience for people and the community, to help define a new dimension of living and working in which the real and the digital converge and to promote a culture open to diversity, committed to supporting safety, physical and psychological well-being, employee satisfaction and engagement: a new technological humanism.

Sustainable, for people and the environment

a design approach directed toward sustainability, characterized by the use of recycled, recyclable materials, products and woods from an Italian supply chain, which aims at the highest quality standards of the work environment in terms of ergonomics, thermal, acoustic and lighting comfort to ensure the physical and psychological well-being of people.

Improving the energy performance of the spaces played a major role in the renovation, as a decisive factor in the strategy aimed at achieving the goal of “zero emissions” by 2030 in all production sites, indicated by the Legacy 2030 sustainability plan, adopted by Birra Peroni. The intervention aims to obtain Gold level Leed certification, and allows a 45 percent reduction in water consumption, 35 percent savings on energy consumption, and a 33 percent reduction in CO2 emissions.