Canali Store

Date: 2012

Area: 300 smq.

Client: Canali

Type of work: Concept design


Design team: Gianluca Besostri, Guya Adelasco, Martina Adelasco, Mattia Oddone, Silvia Pilotti, Valentina Molteni

GBPA ARCHITECTS was invited by Canali, historic Italian brand in luxury menswear, to take part to the shop design contest, intended to redefine the image of Canali’s stores in the world. The proposed project, starting from a deep analysis of the evolution of Canali’s man in time and the three main themes that always have distinguished him, modernity, elegance and history, comes to the definition of the different functional areas of the store. These become evident through the different use of wood, leather and marble and end up  converging in the sculpture that occupies the central part of the area, home to the dressing rooms, characterized by a chromed steel surface that melts and reflects everything together cancelling material boundaries or physical separations to signify continuity between past and future.