20.04.2018 | "Building 4.0: the Amazon HQ case"

Milan Design Week (april 17-22)

April 20th h. 12.30 pm
Microsoft House
Viale Pasubio 21, Milan

Building 4.0: The Amazon Headquartes case 

Refurbishment of an iconic building of the 70s through the restoration of the relationship with a city in trasformation: the opening of the Melchiorre Gioia front, the contemporary and innovative materials  and costructive choices of the facade. On the occasion of the Milan Design Week (17-22 April) Architects Federica De Leva and Antonio Gioli, designers of he new Amazon headquarters in Milan, will hold, durinf the ICON DESIGN TALKS at Microsoft House in Viale Pasubio 21, Friday, April 20 at 12.30, a conference in which the design guidelines that characterized the redevelopment of the former Tecnicmont building in Viale Monte Grappa, an iconic building strongly representative of the Milanese reality perceived as an "urban object that always been there"