Olimpia Milano Basket HQ

Site: Assago, (Mi) | Italy 

Date: 2016

Client: Pallacanestro Olimpia Milano s.s.r.l.

Type of work: Project and Construction Management (integrated design, planning permits, site supervision, H&S)


Design team: Nicola Borsato, Milica Cudic

GBPA  ARCHITECTS supported  the  Giorgio  Armani  Technical Office for the construction of the Pallacanestro Olimpia Milano ssrl  headquarters  and  training  site,  dealing  with  detailed design, planning permits, quotes and terms of contracts, and site supervision. In particular, GBPA teamed up with the client’s design team to work on existing spaces, including planning the MEP, within the Forum of Assago which were destined to different uses. The work involved the outline of office areas with multifunctional and storage spaces, the renovation of the gym as well as the design of new dressing rooms, training equipment areas and the physiotherapy room.