Site: Corsico, (MI) | Italy

Date: 2013

Area: 19.000 smq.

Client: Mediolanum

Type of work: Feasibility study, architectural scheme design


Design team: Gianluca Besostri, Stefano Manfredi, Valentina Molteni

Following the interests expressed by a renowed international telephone company to make its new headquarters, Mediolanum commissioned GBPA ARCHITECTS to draw up a preliminary draft for the redevelopment  of the building complex in its property that consists of the three independent directional buildings located in a large plot on the outskirts of Milan. Based on the new dimensional requirements of the potential client, the project proposes the extension of one of the three buildings bringing the complex from the existing 14,000 square meters to the 23,000 square meters of total area. The three buildings intended to accommodate the offices are joint in the ground floor by a large common hall with a reception and waiting area characterized by a fluid space that penetrates the rigid form of the buildings. On the ground floor there are canteen and bar, gym, training rooms and related services. Also, a large auditorium with an external space for the outdoor events is accessible from the reception. The plot with 3 driveway entrances, a pedestrian entrance and about 290 outdoor parking spaces, has also outdoor areas that could be used as a garden and open-air space for business or informal meetings. A wide coverage which dominates the three buildings provides a homogeneous and unitary image enhancing the "corporate" nature of the project proposal.