IPER Magenta 

Site: Magenta, (MB) | Italy

Date: 2011

Area: 15.000 smq.

Client: Iper

Type of work: Concept design, feasibility study 


Design team: Elard Ponce, Gianluca Besostri

The concept means to reintroduce and increase either the image or the communicative power of Iper brand creating a shell that goes beyond  the idea of commercial building in order to establish a familiar connection between the customers and the internal environment, thinking about the everyday life. This project is proposed in two versions. For the first one, the wicker remains the main texture that, by covering the building, makes it vibrant and vital. For the second one, the natural and warm element of wood defines the façades with battens that sometimes take the color variations of the brand IPER. The project also means to requalify the adjoining external areas through the creation of pedestrian paths covered by shelters, that can become spaces for external sale.