Business Park

Site: Cernusco sul Naviglio, (MI) | Italy

Date: 2012

Area: 40.000 smq.

Client: Confidencial

Type of work: Concept design, feasibility study


Design team: Gianluca Besostri, Valentina Molteni

The owner of a large area located in south Milan has commissioned GBPA ARCHITECTS the study for the realization of a new directional campus of about 40.000 mq with outbuildings for workers and services for the neighborhood. Inside the campus, GBPA has developed a preliminary project for a building meant to become the headquarter of an important international company. The building, designed to satisfy the proper needs of a representative workplace, is characterized by a large auditorium made to give visibility from the street. In addition to the spaces destined to offices, green areas complete the complex designed to meet the increasing needs of comfortable working spaces. The definition of cost planning was drawn up in collaboration with the Bovis Lend Lease experteeses.