Building Via Torino/Via Palla

Site: Via Torino, Milan | Italy

Date: 2016

Client: Confidencial

Type of work: Concept design


Design team: Nicola Borsato

GBPA ARCHITECTS developed the concept design for the restyling of a building façade in Milan city centre. The aim of the plan is to increase the visibility and recognizability of the building when approaching it from two separate directions: one from the Cathedral square (Piazza Duomo) and the other from Porta Ticinese.  Coming from piazza Duomo at the intersection between via Torino and via Palla there is a clearing: here the urban front is set back and the visibility of the façade is therefore increased. In the design plan, this urban front seeps inside the building via a double height space which is linked to the exterior in a visual and spatial continuum between the indoor and outdoor spaces.

For the façade GBPA chose concrete and glass fiber, a material which is weather and environment resistant and at the same time responds to requirements of sustainability and  aesthetics.